AT-988 CWP High Polymer Modified Cementitious Elastic WP


ACTECH AT-988 CWP is a 2 coat, 2-parts per layer System.   AT-988 CWP is a flexible, low odour, high Polymer modified elastic cementitious acrylic Hydro Static, Anti Efflorescent membrane for use in internal and external applications.

Actech AT-988 CWP meets the requirements of AS/NZ 4858:2004 wet area Membranes and conforms to AS4654.1 Waterproofing Membranes.

When mixed AT-988 CWP forms a Hydro Static waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use over slightly damp cement screeds prior to tiling to eliminate the threat of efflorescence caused from the cement screed and to prevent water ingress.

Actech AT-988 CWP can be used as hydrostatic moisture barrier on the negative side in below grade surfaces.

Application Fields

ACTECH AT-988-CWP is designed to be used in conjunction with a below screed waterproofing system such as AT-929 SPU or AT-906 WPU.
Once the waterproofing system is applied to the substrate and has been allowed to cure, a cement screed is then laid to fall. Allow screed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours (in an aerated room) and then apply the AT-988 CWP.
As an anti-efflorescent membrane over cement screeds to internal wet areas that are to be covered by tiling system laid on screeds to fall to AS 3958.1.2 such as bathrooms, laundries etc.
As an anti-efflorescent membrane to external balconies, patios and podium levels that are to be covered by tiling on screeds to fall to AS 3958.1.

As a hydrostatic moisture barrier to the negative side such as basements, detention tanks etc.


Technical Information Downloads

pdf AT-988 Technical Datasheet
pdf AT-988 Material Safety Datasheet