MAXPLUG is a quick-setting cement-based mortar that instantly stops running water from cracks, fissures, holes or other openings in concrete and masonry. It is non-shrink and sets within three to five minutes depending on
the temperature. Once MAXPLUG @ sets, it adheres perfectly to the substrate. It only requires water for mixing.

Application Fields

Sealing of leaks in concrete surfaces, solid masonry and other sound substrates with active water flow
through cracks and holes.

Emergency repairs on concrete water pipes. For broken concrete pipes, MAXPLUG will even work
when the concrete pipes are under hydrostatic

Emergency plugging of gas leaks.

Sealing of concave corners and working joints, filling the grooves with MAXPLUG in the shape of a cone.

Anchoring of bolts and other accessories that require immediate use.

Stopping running water in basements, tunnels foundations and sewers under hydrostatic pressure.

It is a suitable maintenance material for homes and industry.



*Technical information available on request