Dimpled Drainage Cell with Non-Woven Fabric


Drainage DP offers superior protection and drainage abilities.Many a time new expensive waterproofing membranes have been ruined by carless backfilling.

This Tough Heavy Density Polypropylene (HDRE), Dimpled cell guarantees excellent drainage and creates an air chamber always free that allows for higher volumes of water to be drained. The action of the geo-textile fabric, in fact ensures a constant filtering of soil particles and prevents the obstruction of draining channels. An excellent product to protect waterproofing membranes from backfill and root growth.


Size/s: 1.24m x 15m x 12mm rolls
Coverage: 18.6m2
Colour/s: Black

Application Fields

Designed for applications of subsoil drainage behind retaining walls, abutments, culverts, basement walls and for providing horizontal drainage to roof top gardens and planter boxes. Prefabricated drainage systems provide more efficient drainage capacities than imported natural materials such as crushed aggregate.


Dimpled Drainage Cell with Non-Woven Fabric