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External Waterproofing

External Areas such as Roofs and Balconies are subject to extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain and in some cases heavy snow, which can cause leaks, effecting electrical components, insulation and structural damage. For this reason, it is vital that all roofs are waterproofed and in compliance with Australian Standards (AS 4654.2-2012). 

By waterproofing roofs and other external areas, you add an extra layer of protection from any leaks that could end up costing tens of thousands in structural damage. However, purchasing the right product and utilising the right method of application is essential to ensure your waterproofing succeeds. Using the wrong product or incorrectly applying your waterproofing will cause leaks and compromise the structural safety of your building.  

Roof Waterproofing Systems:

  • PVC Bonded System (Roofs)
  • Torch-On System (Roofs)
  • Liquid Membrane System (General External Areas)
  • Butynol System (Terraces and Balconies)

To be in compliance with Australian Waterproofing Standards for external areas (AS 4654.2-2012), the following criteria must be met:

  • External waterproofing membrane system must accommodate movements that occur within the substrate.
  • Falls of all finishes must ensure water flows to drainage outlets. Water must not be retained on finished surface. (Exception of residual water due to surface tension)
  • Substrate must be resistant to moisture damage caused by condensation on underside.

We recommend the use of the following products for external waterproofing:

  • ACTFLEX 101
  • Suprema Soprasun Torch-On Bitumen Sheet (Roofs Only)
  • ACTFLEX 929 with a Top Coat of Duram ATC
  • ACTFLEX EP 250 Hydro Epoxy

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