Concrete Puddle Flange Recess Kit

Introducing the Innovative Tools 230mm Concrete Puddle Flange Recess Kit

Introducing the Innovative Tools 230mm Concrete Puddle Flange Recess Kit

At Innovative Tools, we are proud to unveil our latest groundbreaking product: the 230mm Concrete Puddle Flange Recess Kit. This revolutionary tool is the world's only solution designed to seamlessly recess PVC puddle flanges, including the Allproof Leak Control Flange. With its dual discs, our kit accommodates recesses for both 150mm and 230mm diameters simultaneously, ensuring a dust-free application. Now you can get the job done efficiently and effectively with our innovative solution.

Streamlined and Efficient Recessing

Our specialized kit is engineered to streamline the process of recessing PVC puddle flanges into concrete floors. By reducing the time to under 3 minutes, we eliminate the need for jackhammers, multiple grinding discs, and excessive labor costs. With the 230mm Concrete Puddle Flange Recess Kit, you can achieve superior results with minimal effort.

Key Features

Clean Workspace
Say goodbye to messy work environments. Our custom dust shroud efficiently contains dust and debris, keeping your workspace clean and safe. This feature not only improves visibility but also promotes a healthier work environment.

Precision and Power
Experience the power of precision with our high-quality diamond tip grinding disc. It effortlessly shapes concrete to create the ideal recess for your PVC puddle flange. The diamond disc, complete with a wheel bearing, ensures precise results every time, allowing you to achieve the perfect depth and width for PVC puddle flange installation with ease.


Benefits of the 230mm Concrete Puddle Flange Recess Kit

Cut your recessing time down to under 3 minutes, significantly boosting overall productivity. Our kit's streamlined process allows you to complete projects faster, freeing up time for other tasks.

Reduce labor costs and eliminate the need for expensive equipment like jackhammers. Our all-in-one solution simplifies the recessing process, saving you money and resources.

Create flawless recesses with the utmost accuracy, ensuring a secure fit for your PVC puddle flanges. The diamond tip grinding disc delivers consistent and reliable results, enhancing the quality of your work.

Clean Workspace
The included dust shroud keeps your environment clean and free from dust and debris. This not only improves your work conditions but also reduces cleanup time, further increasing efficiency.

Durability and Maintenance

The concrete recess disc is capable of creating approximately 7 to 15 recessed holes before the blade begins to show signs of burning out. This estimation may vary depending on factors such as the disc's quality, the hardness of the concrete, the operator's technique, and the specific conditions of use. It's important to monitor the disc's condition and performance during operation. Replace it promptly when signs of wear or burning become evident to ensure safe and efficient use.


The Innovative Tools 230mm Concrete Puddle Flange Recess Kit is the ultimate solution for professionals seeking efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness in their projects. By streamlining the recessing process and ensuring a clean workspace, our kit sets a new standard in the industry.

For further guidance, feel free to reach out to us at Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the difference with Innovative Tools.

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