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Synpave sport and recSport & Rec Non Slip Concrete paint Coating
Synpave Sport & Rec Non-Slip Coating Sale priceFrom $190.00 AUD
ACTFLEX EP 250 | Moisture Barrier Coating
ACTFLEX EP 250 Sale priceFrom $115.00 AUD
ACTFLEX Anti Slip Sand
ACTFLEX Anti Slip 1kg Sale price$22.00 AUD
Save $50.00
Ardex WPM 300 | Water-Based Epoxy Moisture Barrier
Ardex WPM 300 Sale price$490.00 AUD Regular price$540.00 AUD
Ardex RA88 Plus 627ml
Ardex RA88 Plus 627ml Sale price$128.00 AUD
ACTFLEX PolyCrete 20L | High Strength Engineered additive for Screeds ACTFLEX PolyCrete 20L | High Strength Engineered additive for Screeds
Litokol Starlike®Evo Epoxy Grout & AdhesiveLitokol Starlike®Evo Epoxy Grout & Adhesive
Save $15.00
Flake X Decorative Vinyl Epoxy FlakeFlake X Decorative Vinyl Epoxy Flake
Flake X Decorative Vinyl Epoxy Flake Sale price$85.00 AUD Regular price$100.00 AUD
Ardex RA56 | Polyurethane Crack & Spall Repair
Ardex RA56 Sale price$91.00 AUD
ACTFLEX ULTRA FC | Polyaspartic Coatings
ACTFLEX ULTRA FC Sale priceFrom $430.00 AUD
Sika 10x75mm x6m Abelflex Expansion Joint Filler Foam
Actech Epoxy Mixing Paddle
Actech Epoxy Mixing Paddle Sale price$10.00 AUD
Sika 5L Measuring Jug
Sika 5L Measuring Jug Sale price$25.00 AUD
ACTFLEX Crystal Coat 30L Sale price$950.00 AUD
Sold out
ARDEX EG 800 F | Multi-Purpose Epoxy System
Ardex EG 800 F Epoxy Screed Sale price$458.00 AUD
Sold out
Actech ProBond 1100PS | High Strength Epoxy Paste
Actech ProBond 1100PS Sale price$90.00 AUD
Sold out
Actech Crack Swell PU1100
Actech Crack Swell PU1100 Sale price$90.00 AUD
ACTFLEX Ultra Shield Sale priceFrom $450.00 AUD