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Ardex SE Silicon | Coloured Silicone for Sanitary
Ardex SE Silicon Sale price$19.00 AUD Regular price$23.00 AUD
Save $50.00
Ardex WPM 300 | Water-Based Epoxy Moisture Barrier
Ardex WPM 300 Sale price$490.00 AUD Regular price$540.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 002 | Two Component Undertile Waterproofing Membrane
Ardex WPM 002 Sale price$353.00 AUD
Ardex CA 20P | Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive and Sealant
Ardex CA 20P - White Sale price$32.00 AUD
Ardex RA88 Plus 627ml
Ardex RA88 Plus 627ml Sale price$128.00 AUD
Ardex STB Self-Adhesive Butynol
Ardex STB Self-Adhesive Butynol Sale price$74.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 155 Rapid | Undertile PU Acrylic Hybrid Membrane
Ardex WPM 155 Rapid Sale price$265.00 AUD
ARDEX K 301 | Exterior Levelling and Smoothing Compound
Ardex K 301 Sale price$100.00 AUD
Ardex P9 Waterbased Primer
Ardex P9 Waterbased Primer Sale priceFrom $53.00 AUD
Save $1.00
Ardex ST Silicon | Neutral Cure and Non Staining Natural Stone Silicone
Ardex ST Silicon Sale price$26.00 AUD Regular price$27.00 AUD
ARDEX Multiprime | Quick-Drying Water-Based Primer
Ardex Multiprime Sale priceFrom $25.00 AUD
Save $208.60
Ardex WPM 1000 | Weldtec™ Versatile Sheet Membrane
Ardex WPM 1000 Sale price$1,877.40 AUD Regular price$2,086.00 AUD
Ardex LQ 92 | Cement-Based Undertile Levelling
Ardex LQ 92 Sale price$68.00 AUD
Ardex WA 98 Adhesive
Ardex WA 98 Adhesive Sale price$360.00 AUD
ARDEX WPM 265 - Water Based Primer 20L
Ardex RA 040 | One-Component Joint Sealant
Ardex RA 040 Sale price$15.50 AUD
Ardex Pressure Seal Strip 3m X 38mm
Ardex BG 90 GP
Ardex BG 90 GP Sale price$22.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 715
Ardex WPM 715 Sale price$2,016.00 AUD
Ardex RA56 | Polyurethane Crack & Spall Repair
Ardex RA56 Sale price$91.00 AUD
Ardex A46 External Patching Rapid Drying, Slump-Free Mortar Compound
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Ardex WPM 3000x | SBS Self-Adhesive Sheet Membrane
Ardex WPM 3000x Shelterseal Sale price$567.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 310
Ardex WPM 310 Sale price$428.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 908 | Water Based Acrylic Trafficable Membrane
Ardex WPM 908 Sale price$424.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 750 | Internal Undertile Waterproofing Membrane
Ardex WPM 750 Sale price$1,819.00 AUD