Waterproofing Sheet Membranes

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Silicon Pressure Roller 40mm Silicon Pressure Roller 40mm
Silicon Pressure Roller 40mm Sale price$37.00 AUD
Ardex WA 98 Adhesive
Ardex WA 98 Adhesive Sale price$360.00 AUD
Save $208.60
Ardex WPM 1000 | Weldtec™ Versatile Sheet Membrane
Ardex WPM 1000 Sale price$1,877.40 AUD Regular price$2,086.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 715
Ardex WPM 715 Sale price$2,016.00 AUD
Sold out
Soperma Colphene 3000
Soperma Colphene 3000 Sale price$275.00 AUD
Soperma AntiRock Primer
Soperma AntiRock Primer Sale price$222.00 AUD
Soprema Aslan Flashing 19ltr
Soprema Aslan Flashing 19ltr Sale price$420.00 AUD
Free PVC Roller With Every Weldtec Purchase
Sold out
Ardex WPM 3000x | SBS Self-Adhesive Sheet Membrane
Ardex WPM 3000x Shelterseal Sale price$567.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 750 | Internal Undertile Waterproofing Membrane
Ardex WPM 750 Sale price$1,819.00 AUD
Soprema Elastocol Stick 19ltr
Soprema Elastocol Stick 19ltr Sale price$297.00 AUD
Ardex WPM 1000 Root Repell
Ardex WPM 1000 Root Repell Sale price$2,100.00 AUD