Crack Injection Solution

Say Goodbye to Water Leaks - Discover Our Crack Injection Solution!

ACTFLEX Injectswell and Crack Injection

Are water leaks causing headaches in your basement, ceiling, or concrete walls? We have the perfect solution to keep your space dry and protected.

Introducing our innovative crack injection system featuring ACTFLEX INJECTSWELL - a hydrophilic polyurethane that reacts with water to seal cracks effectively. With this solution, you can bid farewell to pesky leaks and enjoy peace of mind knowing your surfaces are secure.


Why Choose Our Crack Injection Kit?

ACTFLEX INJECTSWELL: Our specialized polyurethane expands upon contact with water, ensuring thorough crack sealing.

High-Quality Steel Packers: Included in the kit are durable 10mm packers for reliable application.

Pressurized Injection Machine: Our machine simplifies the process, allowing for precise injection of the sealant into cracks.

Simple Process, Effective Results

Preparation: Clean the crack area thoroughly.

Packers Placement: Insert steel packers at regular intervals along the crack.

Injection Setup: Connect the injection machine to the packers securely.

Injection: Begin injecting ACTFLEX INJECTSWELL into the crack using the machine.

 Don't let water leaks dampen your space any longer. Invest in our crack injection solution and enjoy a dry, leak-free environment.

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