External Waterproofing systems

The Ultimate Guide to Waterproofing External Areas

The Ultimate Guide to Waterproofing External Areas

Waterproofing Solutions for Outdoor Spaces: Decks, Patios, and Balconies

Outdoor spaces such as decks, patios, and balconies are cherished areas where we relax, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, these spaces are exposed to the elements and can be particularly vulnerable to water damage. Ensuring effective waterproofing for outdoor structures is essential to prevent deterioration, prolong their lifespan, and maintain their aesthetic appeal. Here, we'll delve into various waterproofing solutions designed to protect these outdoor areas.

Liquid-Applied Membranes:

    • Liquid waterproofing membranes are a popular choice for outdoor spaces due to their versatility and seamless application.
    • They can be applied directly onto various substrates, creating a continuous and flexible barrier that prevents water infiltration.
    • Liquid membranes adhere well to complex shapes and can accommodate different movement patterns.
    • These membranes are suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, offering comprehensive protection.
    • These membranes include ACTFLEX 929 SPU, ACTFLEX 906 WPU, ACTFLEX 988 CWP, ARDEX WPM 157, ARDEX WPM 155, ARDEX WPM 002

Sheet Membranes:

    • Sheet membranes, often made from materials like modified bitumen or PVC, are effective in waterproofing decks, patios, and balconies.
    • They provide a robust physical barrier against water and are resistant to UV radiation and weather exposure.
    • Sheet membranes can be used to protect both the surface and the underlying structure from water damage.
    • Proper installation techniques, including seam sealing, are crucial to ensure a watertight seal.
    • These membranes include ARDEX WPM 1000, ARDEX WPM 715, ARDEX WPM 750, SOPERMA SOPRASUN 

Tile Underlayment Systems:

    • For areas with decorative tiles, a tile underlayment system acts as a waterproofing layer beneath the tiles.
    • These systems often comprise waterproof membranes and drainage channels that direct water away from the structure.
    • Tile underlayment systems prevent water from seeping into the substrate and causing damage over time.
    • These membranes include ACTFLEX 929 SPU, ACTFLEX 906 WPU, ACTFLEX 988 CWP, ARDEX WPM 157, ARDEX WPM 155, ARDEX WPM 002

 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings:

    • Pedestrian traffic coatings are durable coatings that provide a protective layer over outdoor surfaces.
    • They are resistant to foot traffic, weather, and UV radiation, making them suitable for high-use areas.
    • These coatings can be applied over concrete, wood, or other substrates to create a seamless waterproof barrier.

Concrete Sealers:

    • Concrete sealers are applied to the surface of outdoor structures to protect against moisture penetration.
    • They enhance the durability of the concrete and help prevent cracking and spalling caused by freeze-thaw cycles.
    • Concrete sealers can also enhance the appearance of the surface by bringing out its natural color and texture.

Regular Maintenance:

    • While waterproofing solutions play a significant role in protecting outdoor spaces, regular maintenance is equally important.
    • Inspect the area for any signs of wear, damage, or water infiltration, and address issues promptly.
    • Clear debris, leaves, and standing water regularly to prevent clogs and maintain proper drainage.


Selecting the right waterproofing solution for your outdoor space depends on factors such as the substrate material, intended use, and exposure to weather conditions. Consulting with waterproofing experts can help you make an informed choice and ensure that your outdoor areas remain functional, beautiful, and resistant to water damage for years to come. Remember that proper installation and regular upkeep are key to the long-term success of your waterproofing solution.

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