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Introducing the Predator Gauge by Site Inspections: a groundbreaking, all-in-one tool designed specifically for professionals in the fields of inspections, construction, and waterproofing. This innovative device combines five essential tools into a single, sturdy unit, revolutionizing compliance measurements and inspections.

Elevate Your Reports with Visual Evidence

With the Predator Gauge in your toolkit, capturing photographic evidence of non-compliant workmanship or defects becomes effortless. These visual records can be seamlessly integrated into your reports or shared directly with tradespeople and clients to emphasize areas of concern.

The Predator Gauge: Redefining the Industry with Five Vital Features

The Predator Gauge seamlessly incorporates the following critical functions:

  1. Wet Film Thickness Gauge: Offering precise measurements from 0.5mm to 3.5mm graduations, ensuring accurate evaluations of WFT coatings, from primers to thick coat liquid applications.

  2. Fillet/Bond Breaker Gauge (AS 3740): Calibrated at 12mm for class 3 membranes and 35mm for class 2 membranes, in accordance with AS 3740 standards as outlined in Table 4.10.

  3. Fillet/Bond Breaker Gauge (AS 4654.2): Calibrated at 15mm x 15mm, complying with AS 4654.2 requirements for waterproofing membranes used above ground, with a 15mm x 15mm fillet/bond breaker for liquid membranes.

  4. Ruler: Featuring a 50mm corner ruler with 1mm graduations, facilitating quick measurements of cracks, the horizontal run of perimeter junctions, or the 25mm membrane termination above the finished floor level.

  5. Crack Measure Gauge: Equipped with a cut-out window in the center, aiding in the alignment of cracks (ranging from 0.1mm to 2mm) with corresponding numbers and lines.

In addition, a tool holder allows for convenient attachment to your belt lanyard, ensuring quick and easy access in the field.

Please verify fillet/bond breaker dimensions against the manufacturer's Technical Data Sheet to ensure alignment with the membrane system and compliance with Australian standards.

Uncompromising Australian Quality

The Predator Gauge is proudly manufactured in Australia from hardened 420 stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and resistance to wear. Measuring a compact 75.4mm in width, 99mm in length, and 1.2mm in thickness, it's an essential addition to your inspection toolkit. Invest in the Predator Gauge and unlock unmatched efficiency and precision!

Care Instructions for the Black Ops Series Predator Gauge:

While our Black Ops Series tools are robust, they may exhibit signs of scratching, exposing the silver steel beneath, due to interactions with other tools or rough surfaces. Imperfections on the back face and metal exposure at the edges may occur. To maintain the tool's peak condition, wipe it clean with isopropyl alcohol or turpentine, taking care not to affect the surface finish. A touch of oil can help reduce scratch marks, ensuring your tool remains in optimal condition.

Examination of AS 3740 and AS 4654.2 Fillet/Bond Breaker Requirements:

AS 3740 Fillet/Bond Breaker Requirements:

  • Definition: A bond breaker is a system that prevents the membrane from bonding to the substrate.
  • Class II Membranes: Medium extensibility membranes require a minimum bond breaker/tape width of 35mm.
  • Class III Membranes: High extensibility membranes require a minimum bond breaker/tape width of 12mm.
  • Bond Breaker Profile: Although not explicitly defined, the standard depicts a concave finish for the bond breaker.

AS 3740 Table 4.10 Bond Breakers:

    • I
      • 10% to 59%
      • 100mm
    • II
      • 60% to 299%
      • 35mm
    • III
      • ≥ 300%
      • 12mm

AS 4654.2 Fillet Requirements:

  • Fillet Usage: Fillets are required when a membrane transitions from a horizontal to a vertical plane or from one vertical plane to another.
  • Fillet Size: The standard mandates a 40mm x 40mm fillet for sheet membranes and a 15mm x 15mm fillet for liquid membranes. For liquid membranes, the hypotenuse side of the triangle (the fillet) is approximately 21.21mm.

Remember, always cross-verify fillet/bond breaker dimensions against the product manufacturer's Technical Data Sheet to ensure compatibility with the membrane system and alignment with Australian standards.

The Predator Gauge: Your Trusted Professional Companion

By effectively interpreting and implementing these technical requirements, professionals can ensure their work aligns with all relevant Australian standards. The Predator Gauge simplifies this task, providing the precision and convenience necessary for excellence. Ideal for waterproofing applicators, builders, site managers, building consultants & inspectors, third-party compliance testers, and membrane manufacturer representatives, this gauge proves to be an indispensable tool.

Upgrade your toolkit with the Predator Gauge - for flawless workmanship that speaks for itself.

IMPORTANT: If you pre-order a Predator Gauge along with other items currently in stock, your entire order will be shipped when the Predator Gauge is available. If you prefer split shipping, please respond to your order confirmation email, and we will arrange this for an additional charge, or you can place two separate orders for your convenience.

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