ACTFLEX 988 CWP 2 Part Cementitious Membrane

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ACTFLEX 988 CWP is a two-part cementitious waterproofing membrane designed for a wide range of applications, including retaining walls, tanks, PVC panels like Dincel for negative-side waterproofing, planter boxes, and even as a superior pool waterproofing membrane. Its self-priming nature allows for application on damp surfaces, while its high strength and adhesion ensure durability and reliability.

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ACTFLEX 988 CWP 2 Part Cementitious Membrane

ACTFLEX 988 CWP 2 Part Cementitious Membrane


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ACTFLEX 988 CWP is a cementitious waterproofing product.

Designed for below-ground waterproofing applications. It is specifically formulated to provide effective waterproofing and protection for concrete structures, foundations, basements, and other below-grade surfaces

Membrane Classification

Membrane Classification Class II


Khaki Green



Full cure time at 25°C 50% RH

72 Hours at 1.5mm DFT

Confined underground areas require min 7 days

Areas in permanent contact with water require 10 days +

Recoat time at 25°C 50% RH

6 Hours / Confined underground areas require min 24 hrs

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ACTFLEX 988 CWP 2 Part Cementitious Membrane

Unleash Unrivaled Protection: ACTFLEX 988

Introducing the revolutionary advancement in construction technology: The Ultimate Self-Priming Cementitious Membrane! This cutting-edge product represents a paradigm shift in the world of building materials, offering unparalleled performance and versatility for a wide range of applications.

ACTFLEX 988 CWP 2 Part Cementitious Membrane

Adheres to PVC Panels Without Primer:

ACTFLEX 988 CWP is engineered to adhere directly to PVC panels without the need for a primer. This simplifies the application process and ensures proper bonding between the waterproofing material and the PVC panels, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the waterproofing system.

ACTFLEX 988 CWP 2 Part Cementitious Membrane

Positive and Negative Waterproofing

ositive and Negative Waterproofing: The versatility of ACTFLEX 988 CWP allows it to provide both positive-side (exterior) and negative-side (interior) waterproofing solutions. This means it can effectively prevent water penetration from both the outside and inside of the structure, providing comprehensive protection against water intrusion.

ACTFLEX 988 saved the day for us! We were dealing with persistent leaks in our basement, and nothing seemed to work until we tried this product. It provided a seamless and long-lasting waterproofing solution, and we haven't had any issues since
As a contractor, I'm always on the lookout for reliable waterproofing products, and ACTFLEX 988 exceeded my expectations. Its easy application and exceptional performance make it my go-to choice for a wide range of projects. Highly recommend it!
I can't thank The Waterproofing Shop enough for recommending ACTFLEX 988. We were struggling with waterproofing our outdoor deck, but this product worked like a charm. It's durable, flexible, and offers excellent protection against water damage.

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