ACTFLEX Leak Tape 5m Aluminium Reinforced Butyl Tape

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ACTFLEX LEAK TAPE is an aluminum flashing tape with a self-adhesive backing featuring high-strength glue. It's perfect for covering holes in metal roofs and joining roof sheets to prevent leaks. Once applied, it offers an extreme grip. Additionally, it's UV-stable, puncture-resistant, and heat-reflective, ensuring durability and reliability.

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ACTFLEX Leak Tape | Aluminium Reinforced Butyl Tape

ACTFLEX Leak Tape 5m Aluminium Reinforced Butyl Tape

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ACTFLEX Leak Tape 5m Aluminium Reinforced Butyl Tape


ACTFLEX Leak Tape: Professional-Grade Solution for Quick and Reliable Leak Repairs

A specialized tape designed for sealing cracks and gaps in roofing systems, particularly on concrete and metal surfaces. It is constructed with an aluminum cover and butyl adhesive, providing a durable and weather-resistant solution for waterproofing applications.


Ideal for Use:

Boost the protection and durability of your structures with ACTFLEX LEAK TAPE, an exceptional aluminum flashing tape. This high-quality tape is designed to seal and prevent leaks, providing an effective solution for various applications.

Roofing Applications: 

Protect roofs from water penetration, ensuring a watertight seal.

Window Installation:

Seal gaps around windows to prevent drafts and water intrusion.

Construction Projects:

Securely seal and waterproof structures during building and renovation.

Elevate your waterproofing projects
ACTFLEX LEAK TAPE saved my roof! Easy to apply, and the adhesive is super strong. No more leaks!"
ACTFLEX LEAK TAPE is a lifesaver! Stuck it on, and it stayed put even through rough weather. Great product

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