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Introducing ACTFLEX ULTRA FC, a groundbreaking 90% solids elastomeric Polyaspartic coating, available in clear or various UV-stable standard colors. This innovative solution offers exceptional properties that make it a top choice for creating durable, resilient floors and protective surfaces in diverse settings.

ACTFLEX ULTRA FC stands as the go-to choice for those seeking both durability and versatility in their flooring and protective surface needs.

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    ACTFLEX ULTRA FC | Polyaspartic Coatings


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    ACTFLEX Ultra FC: Redefining Excellence in Waterproofing Solutions with Advanced Technology and Unparalleled Durability

    Introducing ACTFLEX Ultra FC, a groundbreaking solution engineered to redefine excellence in waterproofing. Crafted with advanced technology and uncompromising attention to detail, this product sets a new standard for performance and durability.

    ACTFLEX Ultra FC offers unmatched protection against water infiltration, ensuring that your structures remain safeguarded against moisture damage. Its innovative formulation penetrates deep into surfaces, creating a resilient barrier that withstands the test of time.

    Solids Contents


    Elongation at break


    ASTM E96 Moisture Vapour transmission


    Physical or Chemical Change


    Recoat time at 25°C 50%RH

    1-4 Hours

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    ACTFLEX Ultra FC: Revolutionizing Waterproofing with Unmatched Performance and Reliability

    Experience peace of mind knowing that your structures are protected by ACTFLEX Ultra FC, the ultimate solution for lasting waterproofing protection. Elevate your projects with confidence and precision, and ensure that your structures remain resilient against the elements for years to come.

    ACTFLEX Ultra FC: Superior Waterproofing with Environmental Responsibility

    ACTFLEX Ultra FC features eco-friendly ingredients and manufacturing processes, reducing its carbon footprint and promoting responsible use of resources. By choosing ACTFLEX Ultra FC for your waterproofing projects, you can contribute to environmental conservation efforts while achieving superior protection for your structures.

    Furthermore, ACTFLEX Ultra FC is designed to promote the longevity and sustainability of buildings. By providing reliable waterproofing protection, it helps prevent water damage, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. This not only saves resources but also minimizes waste and extends the lifespan of structures.

    Experience unparalleled quality with ACTFLEX Ultra FC

    ACTFLEX Ultra FC is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability, ensuring that your structures remain protected against water infiltration and damage. Its advanced formulation penetrates deep into surfaces, creating a robust barrier that withstands the test of time.

    When it comes to quality, ACTFLEX Ultra FC stands apart from the competition. Rigorously tested and backed by industry-leading standards, this product offers unmatched reliability and peace of mind.

    ACTFLEX Ultra FC exceeded my expectations! Not only did it provide outstanding waterproofing for my basement, but I also appreciated its commitment to environmental responsibility. A truly impressive product!
    As a contractor, I value both quality and sustainability. ACTFLEX Ultra FC delivers on both fronts, providing exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact. My clients are consistently impressed with the results.
    I'm thrilled with the performance of ACTFLEX Ultra FC. It not only protected my home against water damage but also aligned with my eco-conscious values. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for top-quality waterproofing with environmental responsibility.

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