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ARDEX Multi Prime is a versatile and high-performance primer designed for various construction and flooring applications. It is a water-based primer that is used to enhance the bonding of different ARDEX products to substrates such as concrete, wood, and gypsum.

Before using ARDEX Multi Prime, it is important to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines. Surface preparation and application methods may vary depending on the specific project requirements and substrate conditions.

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ARDEX Multiprime | Quick-Drying Water-Based Primer

Ardex Multiprime

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Ardex Australia: Elevating Construction Excellence

Ardex Australia is a leading provider of high-performance construction solutions, trusted by professionals and homeowners alike. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Ardex offers a wide range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

Ardex Multiprime: The Comprehensive Primer Solution for Enhanced Surface Preparation and Adhesion

Ardex Multiprime is a versatile primer designed to elevate surface preparation standards across a wide range of applications. With its comprehensive formulation, this primer ensures superior adhesion and compatibility with various substrates, including concrete, screed, and existing tiles. Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, Ardex Multiprime provides optimal bonding characteristics, creating a solid foundation for subsequent flooring installations. Its ease of application and fast-drying properties streamline the preparation process, saving time and effort on the job site.


ARDEX Multiprime is packed in plastic pails - net volume 1L, 4L and 20L.

Shelf life

ARDEX Multiprime has a shelf life of not less than 12 months when stored in the original unopened packaging, in a dry place at 23ºC and 50% relative humidity.

For use with

ARDEX Multiprime is compatible with subsequent applications of ARDEX tile adhesives, floor levelling compounds and undertile waterproofing membranes.


One litre of ARDEX Multiprime is sufficient for approximately 6m2, therefore the approximate coverage on each of the following units is: 20L - 120m2 4L - 24m2 1L - 6m2

Drying Time: (at 23ºC and 50% relative humidity)

Approx 15-30 minutes.

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