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ACTFLEX 400 CLEAR is specially formulated for application on tiled, concrete, wood, and metal surfaces. If you're dealing with a leaking bathroom or balcony, ACTFLEX 400 offers a convenient solution without the need for extensive demolition. With just three simple steps, anyone can apply it. This UV-stable clear waterproofing membrane is resistant to foot traffic and chemicals, ensuring lasting protection.


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ACTFLEX 400 CLEAR Waterproofing Membrane


1 KG

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Here's a simple step-by-step guide for using ACTFLEX 400 to fix leaking tiled areas:

  1. Ensure Surface is Dry: Allow the surface to completely dry and be free from moisture.
  2. Remove Silicone: If present, remove any silicone from corners and penetrations.
  3. Apply Clear MS Sealant: Use a Clear MS Sealant like Soudal TREX Crystal on all corners and any missing grout joints.
  4. Dilute ACTFLEX 400: Dilute ACTFLEX 400 with 50% water.
  5. Apply Thin Coats: Apply three thin coats of the diluted ACTFLEX 400 to the tiled surface.
  6. Form Clear Waterproofing Barrier: Allow the coats to dry to form a clear waterproofing barrier.
  7. Enjoy Leak-Free Surfaces: Once dry, enjoy leak-free balconies or bathrooms for years to come.

Following these simple steps will help you effectively seal and waterproof your tiled areas using ACTFLEX 400.


Transparent Liquid

Chemical Resistant:


Waterproof Time:

3 Hours at 25°C and 50% R.H


3m2 to 1kg depending on surface.

Elongation at Break


ACTFLEX 400 Clear:

ACTFLEX 400 Clear: Unobtrusive Protection for Visible Surfaces - Transparent Waterproofing Excellence

Elevate your surface protection with ACTFLEX 400 Clear, the ultimate solution for invisible waterproofing. Crafted with precision and expertise, this innovative product offers transparent protection without compromising aesthetics.

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Elevate your waterproofing projects
ACTFLEX 400 Clear surpassed my expectations! Its transparent protection for my wooden deck was exactly what I needed to maintain its natural beauty while ensuring long-lasting waterproofing. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking professional-grade surface protection.
ACTFLEX 400 Clear was the ideal choice for my concrete driveway. Its invisible waterproofing solution preserved the surface's aesthetic appeal while providing reliable protection against water damage. A professional-grade product that I trust for all my surface protection needs.
I'm thoroughly impressed with ACTFLEX 400 Clear. Its transparent waterproofing solution for my outdoor patio exceeded my expectations. The surface looks as beautiful as ever, and I have peace of mind knowing it's protected against water damage. Highly recommended for anyone seeking professional-quality surface protection.

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