AT-930 Water Cured Polyurethane


AT-930 WCPU is a Low odour, V.O.C. compliant; water cured high performance, tough, flexible, polyurethane waterproofing membrane, for internal and external under tile areas. AT-930 WCPU is an excellent horizontal concrete movement expansion joint sealant.
ACTECH AT-930WCPU polyurethane is a class III membrane and meets the requirements of AS3740 by conforming to AS/NZS4858“wet area membranes”.
AT-930 is an aliphatic resin-compound polyurethane liquid which cures when mixed with 500ml of water per barrel or proportioned for smaller quantities to give a tough elastomeric waterproof membrane.
It is supplied as a thixotropic liquid which is easily applied at the recommended
thickness to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Application Fields

The high elasticity, excellent bond and low water permeability of AT-930 make it ideal for a wide range of applications such as a movement joint sealant, in water tanks, inspection pits, working expansion joints, foundations, basements, ground floors, suspended floors, balconies, patios and mechanical rooms. It is also ideal for restoration work where both time and odour are a concern, inspection pits, roofs, bathrooms and wet areas
AT-930 is a low odour, V.O.C. compliant and has been specially formulated for the odour sensitive applications created in heavily occupied areas.


Technical Information Downloads

pdf AT-930 Technical Datasheet
pdf AT-930Material Safety Datasheet